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What we do for you:

Thanks to our experience in personnel consulting and recruitment of IT specialists and other qualifications, you too will find your ideal job or new employee
Applicants and career support

With applicants we carry out a qualified check-up of the documents upon request. We compare your qualifications with available vacancies in the region of your choice, submit concrete company proposals, or proactively apply to our company contacts. Just as you like! Inclusion on our hotlist will help you find the right job. We then actively accompany you in direct contact with the companies and support you during the application process.


You have many vacancies to fill or generally need support in recruiting new personnel? We accompany you through the entire recruitment process, from the definition of the task and requirement profile, the advertisement, the selection of CVs, to the interviews and the obtaining of references.

Executive Search

The basis is a meaningful requirement profile, based on an extensive interview and a detailed description of the position. This is followed by a direct search for specialists by means of extensive market and database research. We also use our insider network to generate recommendations. After an evaluation, the direct search is carried out and it is clarified whether the potential candidates are interested in a new challenge. In the selection interviews with the potential managers, we again check their qualifications. Important for us: the direct impression of the personality, motivation and goals of the respective candidate. We talk about opportunities and challenges offered by the position to be filled and clarify under which conditions he/she would be willing to change. You will be presented with the most suitable specialists and decide for yourself whom we should invite for an interview.

What is important to us is good for you

Pragmatic approach - Open communication - Great benefits
We see ourselves as companions and mediators

In this central role, we ensure that existing demand and adequate supply come together in a congruent manner: To lead a person into the right job in the right company - that is our goal!

We stand for transparent communication and for a target-oriented, solution-oriented working method while maintaining confidentiality and loyalty. Of course, data protection is very important to us, not only for legal reasons.

Your benefit results from our many years of experience in all aspects of personnel consulting and placement.

  • Software Developer

    We are always looking for creative software developers

  • ERP Consultants and Programmers

    Our applicants are also at home in the areas of SAP, MS Navision ERP/CRM, ABAS, etc.

  • Project Manager

    We introduce you to the specialist who wants to lead your projects to success

  • IT Business Consulting

    Are you looking for something exotic like specialist knowledge in IT audits, IT assessments and analyses, Big Data Consulting... Talk to us!


...qualified, motivated and gladly there for you!
Dr. Werner Kiel
Dr. Werner Kiel
Managing Director
Thomas Falkner
Thomas Falkner
Senior Consultant
Martina Fauser, MBA
Martina Fauser, MBA
Senior Consultant



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