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In recent years, companies have been expected to be not only organizations that make profits through free and fair competition, but also units that provide benefits to society as a whole. Against this background, compliance (the observance of laws and ethical principles) is seen as an important element of corporate governance. In addition, companies are expected to be fair and honest with their stakeholders from a corporate governance perspective. In other words, our company also has an obligation to fulfill its social responsibility and to improve its corporate value, not only by complying with laws and regulations, but also as a corporate citizen through appropriate and fair corporate governance based on business ethics.

ValueJob has therefore committed itself to the following "Five Principles" as its corporate credo:

  • We want to be a company that the employees are proud to work for.
  • We earn and maintain the trust of our valued customers.
  • We respond to the expectations of our shareholders.
  • We work in harmony with the local community.
  • We support the global society and do our part.

We emphasize that a serious attitude towards our stakeholders, such as shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, government agencies and society, is a fundamental building block of our business. We strive for highly transparent corporate governance.

Since its foundation, compliance has been implemented in our company as a matter of course. In addition, we have fulfilled our social responsibility through measures to protect the environment, e.g. the introduction of ISO 14001 for our company and through measures to promote occupational health and safety, for which we have been awarded OHSAS 18001.

ValueJob continuously implements appropriate measures. To this end, a "Code of Conduct" and other guidelines are essential to ensure that all managers and employees of ValueJob are able to correctly understand ethical issues, laws and regulations as well as social requirements and act accordingly.

Therefore, we hereby declare our voluntary commitment to continuously strive to understand corporate ethics and applicable laws, to harmonize with society, and to achieve a sustainable improvement in corporate value through fair and appropriate corporate governance by ensuring the implementation of the "Code of Conduct".

Every manager and employee of our company is required to comply with the Code of Conduct.

Dr. Werner Kiel
Managing Director